ROBERTO CAVALLI Collection Fall – Winter 2022/23

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In the heart of seduction, individualism and such total freedom that you can even play with cage dresses.
Cavalli’s magical cut-out thus becomes scaffolding made up of fabric bars that are assembled and disassembled on the body with a gesture of feminine self-affirmation.
From this sophisticated bondage that smacks of New York and its infinite variety of shimmering blacks, we suddenly move on to the Porcelain boudoir of the Royal Palace of Capodimonte.
Here Maria Sophie of Bourbon, Sissi’s sister and the last queen of Naples, fed the rumour mill about her morals by secretly receiving King Francis II as if he were one of the many lovers attributed to her.
In terms of fashion, all this translates into the spectacular iron and ceramic roses that decorate the most rock-style boots or become a snug nude-coloured carved leather stocking on the sensual overthe-knee boots.
Thus we enter the heart of a material, regal collection, at the same time with many day and evening capes in the finest fil coupé jacquard fabrics but also in the most classic tartans created exclusively for Queen Elizabeth.
In mohair in shades of emerald green, black and white, or in combed wool in camel, blush and citrine yellow, Cavalli’s new tartan by Fausto Puglisi goes from outerwear to high-heeled pumps in a warm fusion of elegance and sensuality.
The game continues with a series of special pieces: from the coat/robe in topaz velvet and animal prints to the jaguar cape in lined brocade and fil coupéThere is a very simple tunic with the tailored cut preferred by Marella Agnelli and evening dresses entirely embroidered in the finest colours in the collection: gold, topaz and emerald.
Nothing is luxurious enough for a woman who dominates the game from the top of her multifaceted femininity.

– Press Office Cavalli –

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