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With the  Haute Couture collection, the Dior woman explores another way of constructing fashion and asserts herself by wearing clothes in a new way. Volumes are freestyle, the Bar jacket changes appearance depending on whether it is worn closed or loose; the shoulder is sensual, bare. She is femininity in motion, and every movement conveys confidence.

Symbols and charms, chance and superstition define the collection’s world. They are worn embroidered on clothing, as a good luck charm or affixed to a necklace. Here is the bestiary beloved of Monsieur Dior, as well as his good luck tokens, for the designer was a superstitious man with absolute faith in his lucky star.

Knits stitched like lace, lily-of-the-valley embroidery assembled in such a way that it seems to transform into a panther motif, unexpected contrasts of texture and cut: behind the modernity of this collection’s new attitude lies all the virtuosity of the savoir-faire that lives inside the Maison’s Haute Couture and embroidery ateliers.

Inside a mirrored décor, Dior women appear, disappear and are reflected infinitely from every angle. At once private and headstrong, they dress freely and without fuss, bringing to life Couture’s new realism.

(Press Office Dior)

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