MISSONI Collection Fall-Winter 2022-23

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It’s a story of internal strength that makes you step out of your comfort zone. The internal

versus the external. The intimate versus the collective. In Missoni’s Winter 2022 collection

the music is the engine behind this action, speaking of a strong and sweet woman. Assertive

and private. Alternating between melodic and rock in the rhythm of a heartbeat that

intensifies or settles depending on emotions. Each moment is tied to the industrial sound of

knitting machines, as if it were the stitching between one song and the other.

Yet nothing is literal, and everything is of substance and essence in the attitude, the shapes,

the materials. Light, luminous, opaque, soft, metallic, bright, shiny. Conceptual and real

layers. Masculine and feminine, with large bourgeois coats over perfecto jackets. To this,

another aesthetic layer is added, transversally connecting the collection: 90’s hip-hop girls

with ultra-baggy alpaca work pants, also in light denim, suede, moleskin or jersey joggers.

The silhouette is exaggerated. Today’s crop tops are cashmere tank tops, blouses with

openings that reveal the bellybutton, or minute jacquard vests. Even Missoni’s knitwear DNA

is reinvented through imperfections, cuts, runs, felted effects, yet soft to the touch. Pullovers

and cardigans are given a lived-in look, adding an aura of affection as if it told a long story.

Details are fundamental: slingback and vaguely Texan ankle boots with a stiletto heel or

talisman-like charms, at times on display hung on belts or as jewelry, other times hidden like

private valuables.

There’s an unexpected lifestyle and it comes with the wardrobe. The bathrobe is given a new

life, completely embroidered with crystals and sequins it becomes the special symbol of the

duality between private and collective. The evening wear is therefore glistening. The dresses

are in shimmering lace, skin-tight in viscose knit with a metallic coating and a diagonal cut

that reveals the nude back, or strapless made in laced-leather effect rubber coating fabric.

The setting becomes and ideal container for this mash-up: a place that regularly hosts sports

events and concerts abandons its role and becomes a metaphysic space through large LED

parallelepipeds projecting the emotions between streetwear and tradition.

– Press Office Missoni –

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