GIORGIO ARMANI Collection Fall-Winter 2022/23

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In the intimate setting of a small theatre that has the personal feel of a jewellery box, giorgio armani once again returns to the signs that identify his style. First, softness, expressed in fluid and elongated silhouettes that dance with every step. Followed by the precision of exact constructions and the sense of an elegance created by renouncing the superfluous rather than excess. A repertoire of elements that focuses on the person and complements their character, much like a portrait painted by an artist who sees reality through the filter of his imagination, without letting this impose on the subject. There is a new glow this season, however, enhanced by the stage set which becomes even more special. Everything sparkles with silvery lights or brilliant colours that dance on the surfaces in mellow, simultaneous geometries and abstract decorativism. Giorgio Armani has always had a passion for art deco, unsurprising given the similarlinearity, rarefaction and undoubted modernity of the movement. The citation is reworked, moving from a certain sense of rhythm and geometry to bring the deco-mania into personal territory, with jackets and trousers that draw clear-cut figures, touches of faux fur that add motion and velvet that cover them with silky reflections. It is light that dominates, from day to evening, moving from dresses to Velvet bags and boots as high as stockings. A silky, nocturnal glow also permeates the men’s wardrobe, where soft formality prevails: jackets with fluid trousers for comfortable tailoring, the look completed by a white shirt and tie. The Armani man leans towards a certain appropriateness. A conscious ease that allows him to traverse passing fashions with the certainty of authentic style. The materials are velvet and cashmere in a palette that ranges from deep blue to dense grey to black, with notes of green. Accessories add an elegant and minimal touch that completes the collection: lug-shoes with and architectural bags.

– Press Office Giorgio Armani –

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