ERMANNO SCERVINO Collection Fall-Winter 2022/23

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Ermanno Scervino is obsessed with beauty. He celebrates it relentlessly,

whatever the status quo, wherever the vogues du moment wander. There are no

formulas but a quest for the most exquisite workmanship, which is an expression

of beauty itself, and a proclivity for contrasts that crate new harmonies each

time. Because beauty is certainly an absolute idea, which however evolves in

relation to the times.

The beauty that Scervino celebrates is from here, from now: it is rooted in the

present, without nostalgia. This season it stems from the dialogue between the

rarefaction and the preciousness of couture and the world of sport. From the

clash of these two apparent opposites, as well as from the always lively

comparison between the forms of the masculine and the feminine, a vision arises

that speaks of the progressive breaking down of barriers and protocols and a

celebration of what the hand can to do by transforming materials and molding

them on the feminine body.

A body that this season stands out on high heels or on the massive soles of softly

martial boots, wrapped in leather sheath dresses, short dresses in velvet or lace,

protected by large coats, down jackets, enveloping shearling jackets swarming

gleams of chenille embroideries that create tactile effects. Double-breasted

velvet suits draw graphic silhouettes that become voluptuous in the long dresses

sparkling with sequins, in the leather petticoats. The tension of opposites is

reiterated as an unmistakable style signature: lace is carved into the leather,

bustiers and brassieres are worn with masculine suits, impalpable dresses under

oversized parkas. Silks, laces, wools, leathers blend together giving the dialogue

of opposites a consistency that is enhanced by the palette of neutrals, blacks

and whites accented with bright tones of periwinkle, turquoise, green, pink.

The result is an idea of beauty full of harmonic tensions.

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