BLUMARINE Collection Fall-Winter 2022/23

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Seduction is a subtle game, a free territory where no rules apply and multiple identities are at play. The Blumarine girl knows this game well. She isn’t just frivolous and sensual, or an alluring ingénue. Rather, she dares to explore darker, nocturnal sides, secret atmospheres —audacious, provocative, sexual. Not just a girl anymore — she’s a woman, femmina. She’s bold, flaunting her body with a confidence as smooth as velvet. Curvy and soft, or lean and sinuous: she celebrates her body beautiful, expressive and powerfully seductive in all its fabulous diversity. Black shrouds the collection like a mysterious gaze; flashes of scarlet red and nude hint at provocation and eroticism. The silhouette is tight-fitted and sexy. Slinky minidresses are draped around the body with a liquid, sensual effect; provocative cut-outs open unexpectedly, revealing the skin. Long black coats are dramatic and sharp-cut, masculine and severe, strong-shouldered, the waist nipped, almost corseted. Tailored blazers are slashed open on the hips, closed by big bows and bejeweled buttons. Patent leather jumpsuit with built-in bustiers hint at fetish moods; rosettes spiral on the décolletage of scarlet ribbed-wool minidresses. The Blumarine butterfly becomes an ombré print on flowy shirt-dresses with ruffled hems, or transitions into a taffeta bow on a bralette top, worn with low-rise denim bell bottoms or low-slung cargos in smooth satin. Alluring and glamorous, snug nude dresses are embroidered and beaded, and wrapped by long, soft Bluvi cardis in crocheted wool, or by feather-light cashmere fur cocoons. Sheathed in sheer stockings held by garter belts, legs are lean and sexy, teetering on patent leather stilettos or on high-heeled strappy sandals, decorated with silky roses. “Grown-up in her self-confidence, the Blumarine woman opens up to a powerful, uncompromising sensuality, free from any preconceived idea about phisicality. She’s aware that seduction is first and foremost an attitude.”

– Nicola Brognano, Blumarine Creative Director –

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